Martin d 16rgt acoustic guitar reviews

2017-05-23 18:35:11

Martin d 16rgt acoustic guitar reviews
‘I give the D-16RGT high marks... it hasn't opened up yet.. so kind of tight on the sound... seems like it might be closer to the D-28 in sound vs. the D-41 Special (less overtones)....
I recently sold my 2006 Martin D-41 Special... and was looking to acquire a lower end Martin that I wouldn't have as much $$ tied up in,.. and had less "bling".... but,... I still wanted that great Martin sound!!
Nice solid wood Martin guitar. I actually prefer the Micarta fretboard... very solid & consistent...This is your plain Jane solid wood guitar.... but nice features. I like the new metal decal for the headstock.
The low-profile oval neck provides nice action... I have smaller hands and don't have any problem with quick position changes... bar chords, etc.
I replaced the Tusq saddle & plastic pins with bone. Also, I installed the new L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup which, due to the modified X bracing, I had to manufacture small oak blocks and glue them between the control assembly and the sound board around the oval hole (not an operation for the faint at heart,.. nor for those who are afraid of mod'g their guitar).... the sound produced by the Anthem is **unbelievable**!! I sent the first D-16 RGT back to Musicians Friend because it had white mold growing on the inside of the guitar body.... must have been one of the underwater guitars when Nashville flooded ?? ;-) yes... I know they're from Nazereth, PA... not Nashville.I don't like the bright white binding around the fretboard & guitar body.... Martin why you couldn't have you put something similar to what Epiphone puts on their $250 dreads and it would have looked WAY more classy than this flourescent white stuff?I don't mind the satin back and sides,.. and in fact find that I'm not stressing over whether I scratched them or not. As I mentioned earlier,... I replaced saddle & pins..... I also have a bone nut that I intend to replace the Corian one with.’
’I bought my D-16 RGT for my bithday in 2003. I gave myself a budget of $1500 with an aside of $200 more if something really caught me. I played Taylor, Santa Cruz, Gibson, Larrivee, Breedlove ect. I liked all of the guitars and each had their own strong suits. And though in my heart I wanted a Martin just for the sake of "I wanted a Martin" but I was objective. Thankfully the clerk was a really good player and I had him play them for me so I could listen also. It was a tough choice and though I know I would have been happy with any of the guitars I tried, I picked the Martin. And after 7 years I am still very happy. As for D-28 owners, I have played on and off for years with two brothers who are diehard Martin players, each have a D28 and honestly felt my guitar sounded and played as good as theirs.‘
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