martin d 16gt 16 series guitar reviews

2017-05-23 18:34:19

martin d 16gt 16 series guitar reviews
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'I was in the market for a new acoustic in the one thousand range. I was really leaning toward a Taylor 214ce. I tried one out and thought it didn't feel right and it was a little bright. I then tried a Taylor 314ce and realized where the six hundred price difference came from. I was out of my price range.
I then went to another guitar shop looking for a used Taylor when I came upon a Martin DX1RAE and I laughed, because I hated Martin guitars. I played several martins over my 25 years of playing and they were the hardest guitars I ever played. I figured a 5 year old could cut out a slab of wood and put some strings on it and it would be an easier instrument to play than a Martin. My ex-wife talked me into buying a Martin in 2006 (brand new all mahogany paid twelve hundred out the door) and I sold it a month later for eight hundred. Couldn't stand the effort I had to put into playing the dang thing. So, yeah I was going to prove to myself once again what a joke Martins are.
I picked up that five hundred and fifty priced Martin and played it. I was very surprised at the ease of playing. I couldn't believe what had happened. I picked up a Martin DX1AE and it played like butter as well. I knew I was on the right track and the sound was 20 times better than the Taylor. Yep, the butterflies in my stomach really had my heart racing. I wanted that sound and playability, but could not stand the looks of the stratabond neck and the Mahogany Wood Pattern HPL Textured Finish. I didn't think it would hold up very well.
So, after much research I noticed the Martin D-16GT offered everything I was looking for, especially the modified low oval neck, solid wood and in my price range, I got mine for eleven hundred forty nine skins. The price has gone up a little. I wasn't able to try one out, but knew this would be everything the DX1RAE was plus a whole lot more. I ordered it online and when it arrived I was the happiest man in town. This guitar sounds so good. I have played out and guitar players ask me what kind of guitar I'm playing, because it sounds so good. When I tell them it is a Martin the answer is usually something along the line of "yep, you can tell". I've put over 250 hours of playing on this guitar in the last 9 months, I bought it in June 2014. This is the best acoustic guitar I have ever owned or played for that matter. It looks great, it feels great, it plays great and it sounds great!!!!!!! Now, I wanna go try out a D-28 to see how it holds up to the D-16GT. I just don't see how it can get much better. I am very surprised and extremely pleased with my Martin D-16GT!'
'Been without an acoustic for about 15 years so auditioned a few. Liked the Gibson Hummingbird, in fact preferred it to a couple of high priced Martins.Then I tried the D 16GT. Loved it from the off. Beautiful build - light and playable, great sustain, frequency range and all for a good price. I'm now re-learning to play the guitar and learning some stuff I never knew with a new friend.'
'I went in ready to buy a D-15M and walked out with the D-16GT. VERY nice guitar for the price. Just because it's roughly half the price most people associate with Martin doesn't mean it's a "beginner's" guitar. I inspected this thing for a half hour and couldn't find a single construction flaw, or even any shopwear. The seams between the binding and top/sides are perfect, the neck was straight as a board, and the factory set up seems lower than other Martins I've played in the past. Its "voice" is quite interesting for a Martin--big bass, but also a bright high-end that surprised me. Very smooth and even tone that can get loud if you dig in with a pick. The narrow nut is very good for strumming and flatpicking, but one can do some fingerstyle on it, too. Purists (and snobs who can't get past the low price) will scoff at the Richlite/micarta fretboard and bridge. If you hate synthetic material on your guitar, then you'll never like the D-16GT. I like that the micarta is more eco-friendly and doesn't use wood on surfaces that don't influence tone (though that's that's open to debate). The fretboard certainly *looks* beautiful in its uniformity, and I cannot feel ANY difference between it and the ebony board on my Taylor. Also, no silly oils or ointments, just a damp cloth to clean it. I rated it low on "features" because, for all the saving on a synthetic fretboard, you don't get any electronics or a bone saddle, but I didn't want that and will install my own preferred system anyways. I will also install a bone saddle, though it already sounds excellent as is. I wish I could tell the differenc between sapele and mahogany, but that's just curiosity. Overall, an EXCELLENT solid-wood Martin for a very competitive price.'
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