Best Martin d 16rgt acoustic guitar reviews

2017-05-23 18:30:56

Best Martin d 16rgt acoustic guitar reviews
The D 16RGT is a fine example of a Martin Dreadnought acoustic guitar, bringing classic looks and classic tone to modern guitar specifications. The solid East Indian rosewood back and sides complement the solid Sitka spruce top finished in a polished gloss. The D-16RGT shines when used in the studio, delivering a tried-and-true prominent acoustic voice.
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'incredible guitarI bought this guitar when I was 15 years old. I had a 150 moneys denver short scale guitar that I learned on, but now that I was older, I wanted the tone.My dad took me all around toronto to all the music stores, and we played every acoustic we could find to see what stood out. I was still uniformed about particular brand names at the time, so the only thing I could go on was the sound of the guitar (which actually was a good thing)The D16RGT stood out among all the rest, except for one exceptionally well made taylor (not usually a fan, not enough bottom end). however, it costed about 900 more, and 15 year olds paying by themselves generally dont have 2300 to just drop haha. I loved the bright balanced tone, the sound really projected, the guitar had great dynamics, and when played hard, didnt lose its tone like some others. It surprisingly sounded better than a $3200 martin sitting next to it. Over the years, I modified it very little, and there was little reason too. It already came with Tusq nut and saddle (man made ivory, which apparently sounds equal or better than bone) so all I really did was add a fishman battery powered pick up, which didnt affect the tone at all. It was useful for recording before I got a decent mic, and for live shows. I've now had this guitar about 5 years, and it has beautifully. it has completely opened up in sound. the body has some scratches and dents in it, but thats entirely my fault. Fret board has zero wear on it, even though I play every day. This guitar has been in multiple shows, and recordings, and jam sessions. works perfect in every situation. Also, I am a huge Beatles fan, and I find that with the elixir polyweb strings, I can get the chirping G out of the guitar that John gets with his Gibson Acoustic. The guitar is also well suited for basically every song I have ever played on it. From Yesterday and Blackbird to Green day's wake me up when september ends and Before the Lobotomy.The ease of playing is also the best of any acoustic I have ever played. Honestly. My friend even said about 3 days ago, and I quote "...yeah, its like, when I play my guitar, its okay, but then I play Jimmy's guitar, and I'm so much better. Then I pick up your guitar and suddenly everything is so much easier to play and sounds 10x better!"
There are really only 2 cons with this guitar, first being that the B string's tuner creaks when tuning, though it doesnt affect the tuning at all. The other, is that my Friends love it so much, they pick it up and wont give it back!If you want to hear how this guitar actually sounds, no pressure, but you can check out my youtube channel, TheBx2, both raw and eq'ed sound. And after this extremely long review, I would say overall, I would recommend this guitar to anybody at all, except maybe kids who might need a smaller guitar.Though remember the golden rule, your ear is always right. This review means nothing if you dont personally like the sound. And dont forget, 2 identical guitars can sound completely different, so listen to all the things that matter when you pick up this guitar. '