Martin M36 vs m38 vs 0000

2017-05-23 18:26:45

Martin M36 vs m38 vs 0000
To custom a guitar of your own, must learn more about THE GUTIAR you desire.How does Martin m36 vs m38 vs 0000 sounds?Here are some martin m36 vs om28 reviews.
'Anybody played any of the new Martin M series?Have been curious about a deep body OM, but think the 0000 shape might give better tonal range.
M36 and 38 both have a 3 piece rosewood back which would indicate that there should be quite good low end response while the OM depth should keep it from getting too boomy. Had a quick strum of the Steve
Earle signature M21 and while the size was appealing and the tone was crisp, it was a little too dry sounding, with my OM2H having a more rounded lower E with more of a HD28 tone.
Saw northernbreed started a topic on the 28H model, but wanted to broaden it to the M shape in general....I would second the vote for a Collings 0000! I remember on the G&L forum years back they actually
compiled a wishlist of features from the forum members and created a limited run of them so maybe the Four 0 could be a Four0um special if Steve Mc and Bill are tuned in WinkOM2H/D50'
'I love this body size. Not too big, not too small and not too deep. I owned one Martin some time back, but that particular one didn't work well for my style of playing. But my top dog here is a Froggy Botty F body
which is basically the same size and shape. GREAT for most anything you can throw at it.If you are into the Martin line then you have to check out the 0000 specials that Ghruin guitars have in Nashville. He has
them built for him by Martin, and think of them as a pre war replica spec'd 0000, if there had been a pre war 0000.Both mahogany and RW models and not too pricey either. I ahve played a couple of these and
they are really nice. Best bet in a 0000 Martin IMO.
'Last year I bought a Martin David Bromberg signature edition, otherwise known as an M-42 (still a 0000). I am not a fan of Bromberg or of signature guitars, in fact I avoid buying them generally, but this guitar
was too good to pass up. Very different sound from the other standard body shapes. They are very comfortable to play and very versatile, a cross between an OM and a Dread, and can handle just about
anything you want to play. Definitely worth trying out!'
‘Seems rather late to add to this thread but perhaps others will benefit from my experience with my 1980 M38. This was my second Martin, added to my 1954 D-18. I've played the M38 regularly since I bought it
used in 81'. It is a very memorable guitar. I use lots of open chords rather than playing everything using the G pattern with a capo applied. Two years ago it was completely refretted and fresh setup work done
that greatly improved the ease of playing and reducing the breaking of strings without changing loudness. It was only within the past three months have I found something that is "better" or at least equal in
sound, and that is .... a new Collings D2HG. I played it in August and did not forget it! It's coming in January thanks to my wife and Santa. But the M38 will stay with me. It's quite a guitar!’
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