martin m 36 vs m38

2017-05-23 18:23:34

martin m 36 vs m38 reviews
‘I have the original M-36, not the reissue, It and the M-38 were designed with input from Tom Paxton and Steve Goodman (mostly Paxton) as guitars primarily for stage and studio-(to be either miked or plugged
in). Back when they were designed, the M-38 came first, with more bling (bound headstock, abalone rosette and bnding, ebony bridge). It was Tom Paxton's main stage guitar The M-36 was suggested by Steve
Goodman as a more affordable alternative for the working musician, with plain b/w rosette, ivoroid binding and rosewood bridge. It's the model he ended up playing--and was the reason he asked to borrow
mine when he arrived sans axe and saw it at the WFMT New Year's Eve party in the wee hrs. of 1/1/82 (and how could anyone say no).
I don't know what non-cosmetic differences there are in the newer models, but in those days both had 3-pc. Indian rosewood backs (the earliest may have even had a Braz. center piece). The Sitka tops had
aging toner, and the sides were Indian rosewood as well. AFAIK, they were sonically identical and had identical action too. They were braced for and came with mediums, but most players switched over to lights
(though I found bluegrass gauge--GHS, not Martin--to be the perfect partner for it back then). They also had dread depth at the very lower bout but tapered up to OM/000 depth at the upper, so they felt comfy
for women and those with shorter arms yet still gave plenty of bass. The top and back shape was identical to the old 0000 or Auditorium model, based on the old archtops. Thus, the M series was a brand-new
hybrid--neither jumbo (J) nor 0000. The newer J series is shaped the same but with dread depth throughout, like a slightly smaller and slimmer-waisted Taylor GS shape; I believe the M-36/38 reissues may be
OM depth and only the 38 has a 3-piece all-rosewood back.
I love my M-36 and will probably NEVER sell it. It was my very first Martin.’
‘ I don't know that Goodman or Paxton had any input in the M style guitars. I saw both of them perform with M-38s. The original concept came from a guitar built for David Bromberg where a 30s F model archtop
Martin had the top replaced with a flat top. Pretty sure Bromberg had input into the M model design.
The original M-38 and M-36 had ebony fretboards and rosewood bridges. The M-38 had a 2 piece back and the M-36 had a 3 piece back. The only abalone on the M-38 is around the soundhole. I have an 1980
M-38. The reissues are the same but have forward shifted top bracing where the originals didn't. The custom model, 0000-28H has an ebony fretboard and bridge and herringbone around the top. None of the M
or 0000 models have ever been dreadnought depth. They are the same depth as 000 or OM models. The J models were first introduced in the 80s and are dreadnought depth. The M, 0000 and J models are the
only flat top Martins with a 16 in lower bout width.Recently Martin issued a David Bromberg model, M-42 with abalone top binding. They still make the M-38, the M-36, the J40. Custom 0000-28H can be ordered
from Musician's Friend. The M-18 can be ordered from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville.’
'Below are the only differences, is having a three piece back a price advantage? Is having a diamond on the head stock a price disadvantage? Again abalone V style 28 an price differential? With the D-35 versus
the D-28 the binding I suspect is a significant price differnce. I would imagine that the two piece back is more valuable then a three piece back. I know that abalone costs and is justification for higher pricing. If it
were my money I'd choose the cheaper instrument.
ROSETTE: Style 28
HEADSTOCK: Solid/Square Taper
PICKGUARD: Delmar Tortoise Color - Beveled & Polished
ROSETTE: Style 45
HEADSTOCK: Solid/Diamond/SquareTaper
PICKGUARD: Tortoise Color - Beveled & Polished'
'About 14 years ago I spent a year or two playing every guitar I could get my hands on (even traveled fairly far to visit certain music stores) and the ones I liked the best were the older M series Martins. I ended
up buying a '79 Martin M-38 and have yet to play a guitar I like better. The only two that have come close were two M-36 models from around the same time period. The differences between the M-38 and M-36
models were subtle.To me, the M/0000 models have some of the growl/depth of a dread, but also have much of the clarity/directness of the 000 models. Strummed they sound lush, but fingerpicked the notes are
articulate in a way that they are not with many dreads. The bass is deep but not flabby and the trebles are clear. It is very versatile. If I were going to own only one decent guitar, one of these would be it.
Actually, one of these is it. Just my opinions here, of course.'
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