Martin j 40 j-40 reviews

2017-05-22 17:59:42

Get Big Sound from This Martin Jumbo
The Martin J40 Jumbo Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar combines the Grand Auditorium body profile with the dreadnought body depth. Do you like this design? Does it work for both fingerpicking and picking style?
‘I've only owned my J-40 for a week, but I've been playing a long time and know acoustic guitars pretty well. I currently own Taylor and Guild acoustics as well as another Martin. In the store, I compared the J-40 head-to-head against a Taylor GS7, Gibson J-200, J-45, and Hummingbird, a Guild D-55, and Martin d28, HD-35, and hd28V. The Martin J-40 was the standout of the bunch, which speaks volumes to me. I love the tone of Martin dreadnoughts, but the j40 has their big, rich bass without the boominess and with much better treble high frequency response - in short, it has a much more balanced sound, in my opinion. It's also just as loud as the dreadnoughts. The string spacing at the bridge is a little tight for fingerpicking, in my opinion, making this primarily a strummer's and flatpicker's guitar; however, it does sound outstanding played fingerstyle. How to describe the sound? Full, deep, rich, balanced; but beyond that adjectives fail me. It sounds beautiful to my ear, better than all the other amazing guitars I compared it with. I think it's the most underrated and least known of Martin's line, but possibly the best. I'll have this guitar for life and eventually pass it down to my daughter.
For my taste, the J-40 has just the right amount of ornamentation; a little bling, but not overdone. I would have preferred a factory-installed pickup system, but I can have that added easily enough. I don't understand why Martin doesn't include strap buttons on their guitars, but that's almost too minor to mention.
In a word, perfect. I've been over my J-40 very carefully, and I can find no flaw in it, anywhere.
It's pricey, but not unreasonably so considering the quality, features, and tone, as well as the fact that it's American-made.’
'I have come to love the higher end Taylor guitars, too. And I'll never forget that one lovely afternoon I spent with a beautiful Collings in Nashville... My she was sweet.
For about 20 years i owed cheap guitars. Then I saved my pennies with the goal of finally owning a quality instrument. At the time, Martins, Gibsons, and Ovation were the only acoustic makers I knew of that the "pros" played. It was in 1990 that I bought my J40. This was after playing just about about every single quality dreadnought for sale in town over the course of 2 years, literally hundreds of guitars. And that was a lot of fun. Then I got to play a J40, which I had never heard of before. That was it. I still have it and still love it. Every time I am in a music store I play the good wood that's available, and have many times temporarily fallen in love, only to realize my folly when I get back home to my true love, the J40. It did have neck binding issues twice in the first few years, both times repaired under warranty. Of course I have several other guitars, but none compare in quality of tone, balance, and warmth. It's my honey.
Beautiful book matched rosewood back, fantastic Sitka spruce top, perfection in the finish. It did have neck binding issues that were repaired under warranty almost 20 years ago and still holding up. Magnificent sound,action and playability.Quality has a cost and I never minded what I paid.'
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